Created a web HMI using no proprietary software that communicates with an Allen Bradley PLC system and an Oracle database to display complex part gauging and data and relay part data between the plant database and the PLC. The HMI application was written in React JS, communicated with a Node.JS web server, which relayed and converted data between the Oracle database and the PLC.

Custom Web-based ReactJS app interfacing with an Allen Bradley PLC, Cognex Camera, and Oracle database.

The graphical display was highly responsive with refresh rates below 5ms to help operators quickly line up a contactless gauge and showed what what was being measured using graphics that would not have been possible in traditional proprietary HMI software. Traditional HMI software also would not have been capable communicating the validation results to the factory database. The web application also interfaced directly with a Cognex industrial vision camera to show the image and validation results in the same view.