QA Gauging Web HMI

Created a web HMI using no proprietary software that communicates with an Allen Bradley PLC system and an Oracle database to display complex part gauging and data and relay part data between the plant database and the PLC. The HMI application was written in React JS, communicated with a Node.JS Read more…

Spread Ubuntu

SpreadUbuntu is a website that acts as a respository for editable marketing materials. The project was successful enough that I became an Ubuntu member with an email address and voting privileges.

Project Progress Tracker

This is a web application that I made in my free time that helps a company to track open tasks, project documents and data, and assignments for projects, which can then be shared with the customer. It uses Semantic UI and Drupal 8.

Robotic Controls

I made this website in Drupal 7 to share expertise on mechatronics. It is primarily Arduino and Raspberry Pi related things. It is now my most popular website based on all time usage statistics in Google Analytics.