Why hire me?

My many talents allow for a better understanding of your needs and the vision to solve them


Professional grade filming and editing (Using: FCP X, Sony A7S ii)


Highly interactive websites and themes
(Using: Drupal, Python, JavaScript)


PLCs and Robots
(Using: Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Fanuc)

I have a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and an Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

I have worked at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratories and an industrial automation integrator

I have the technical knowledge and experience to solve a lot of problems.

Some of my best projects

Robotic Controls

Robotic Controls


Tutorials and lessons on robotics, electronics, Arudino, and industrial controls

Quadrocopter Simulation

Quadrocopter Simulation

Physics, PID Controls, Neural Networks

A written-from-scratch physics simulation, PID flight control, and

Fanuc Automation Comercial

Fanuc Automation Comercial

Editing and Voiceover

I recorded, edited, and voiced this commercial.

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